Cold-brewed Coffee

This one doesn’t really need a recipe, but if you don’t know about it already (like me, not so long ago), you ought to.  It’s starting to get hot here, and there’s pretty much nothing better than iced coffee on a humid morning.  Or in the afternoon.  Or after dinner, when it is still hot and still humid (not that I’m dreading summer or anything).

This method makes coffee without the bitterness, which means you’ll have to add less sugar and/or cream, which means we’re all being healthier.  It’s all for the best, is what I’m saying.  Start a batch after dinner tonight, so you’ll have some for morning.  You won’t be sorry.

Cold-brewed Coffee

Stir 1/3 cup ground coffee with 1 and 1/2 cups cold, filtered water.  If you have a lidded jar, I’d use it, but if you do use a tall glass or some other receptacle, then make sure you cover it with some plastic wrap.  Let it be (at room temperature) for 12 hours.  Yes, 12.  After 12 hours, strain it twice through a fine-mesh sieve (I use the filter basket from my regular coffee maker, you could use a couple paper filters if you don’t have one).  Once you’re ready to drink up this deliciousness, mix equal parts of your concentrate with water and add some ice.  Stir in milk or sweetener or creamer to taste and enjoy.  Keep whatever’s left refrigerated.

2 responses to “Cold-brewed Coffee

  1. When you let it sit for 12 hours, does that need to be in the fridge, or out on the counter (or the floor, or under the bed, behind the stairs…whatever)?

  2. I’m sorry, that was completely unclear. I’ve edited the post to say that room temperature resting is ideal. Thanks for catching that!

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